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HELLO and WELCOME to Candy After Dinner!

Candy After Dinner is an Indonesian-based lifestyle blog created by two best friends, Fili and Yelny. Founded (waaay before) August 2014, Candy After Dinner is your one-stop platform to appreciate  the deliciousness of food, the joy of visiting new places, the beauty of craft, the excitement of DIY projects, and basically all the positive light of life.

Candy After Dinner could happen thanks to our natural habit of being nosy lol and our shared passion in hunting bazaars, eating good food, designing things and  documenting life. Creativity has no limit, and with Candy After Dinner we have found the best place to share them. We hope you enjoy reading Candy After Dinner as much as we love writing it. Thank you guys, and see you again!

F i l i c i a has written several blogs (either it is obligatory for school grades or it is just for fun) before she finally decided to team up with Yelny and settled with Candy After Dinner. K-pop is her jam, and SHINee and EXO are her biggest music influence and occasional mood booster. She has a huge interest in balloons, flowers and socks, hoping that one day she can have all the cute socks in this world (lol), learn balloon art, flower arrangement or even ride a hot air balloon! Her mantra is to always, always see things from the positive side. Cheers!

Y e l n y is not a reader, but her passion for design and photography brought her interest to read blogs. It then becomes natural that she shares her love passion in design and photography to social media. She also has nosy habits which made her found out her equally nosy classmate, Fili. As both girls found out a shared passion, they finally decided to start Candy After Dinner. Food is her favorite thing as she always tries something new, makes something new and share something new. "Practice Makes Perfect" always reminds her to try and practice. Yeey !

For any inquiry, please refer to the Contact page. Thanks!

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